Runs quickly and uses little memory

NetVips is fast and needs little memory. The NetVips.Benchmarks project tests NetVips against Magick.NET and ImageSharp. NetVips is around 20 times faster than Magick.NET and 3 times faster than ImageSharp.

Around 300 operations supported

It has around 300 operations covering arithmetic, histograms, convolution, morphological operations, frequency filtering, colour, resampling, statistics and others. It supports a large range of numeric formats, from 8-bit int to 128-bit complex. Images can have any number of bands.

Many image formats supported

It supports a good range of image formats, including JPEG, TIFF, OME-TIFF, PNG, WebP, FITS, Matlab, OpenEXR, PDF, SVG, HDR, PPM, CSV, GIF, Analyze, DeepZoom, and OpenSlide. It can also load images via ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick, letting it load formats like DICOM.